General Information This screen it designed to be fed from the conference office Shelby system. That process of data extraction is not yet in place. When finished, this screen will not require any entry. It will display for you the status of your apportionments payments that have been posted at the Conference office. You will be able to review it as you desire. To handle the extra services held at Easter and at Christmas, there are two extra entry boxes for the total attendance at those extra services. Please sum all the attendance and make one entry in the extra boxes. Connectional Generosity The disire is to grow the percent of your average monthly worship attendance total who regularly participate in hands on missions projects. Once per month, please enter the number of members who are participating. The percentage will be calculated for you and will be based upon your Worship attendance entries, so those need to be kept up to date. Past year worship attendance are for the most recently completed and posted report day data, so that will not reflect the most recent report day until sometime in mid to late January each year. Worship attendance has a few extra options for you. Again, all entry boxes for the full year are visible on the screen. You need to enter your worship attendance each week. Monthly averages are calculated as entries are made, but they divide by the number of services during that month, so they will not be accurate until the full month is entered. The annual average is kept by tracking the number of services year to date based on the date stored in your computer system. Below the box showing the annual average is a statement of how many services have passed year to date. Hands On Missions Worship Attendance Professions of Faith Logon to enter the data for your church exactly the same way you did to enter your year end report day information. Use the same User Name and the same Password. If you do not have the User Name and Password for your church, you can get that information by calling your district office. Each screen has a yellow area where the conference goal is shown and a blue area which describes what information is being collected for that screen. Logon Process VITAL SIGNS OF DISCIPLESHIP REPORTING All boxes needed to enter data for the entire year are shown on the screen so you can see everything for the entire year at all times. Each week, simply come to this screen and enter the number of Professions of Faith for your church that week. All boxes default to zero, so if you have none, you do not need to even come here that week. The dates are shown on actual buttons, but they have no function on this screen and do not respond to a mouse click. NOTE: Sometimes there are special circumstances that can have a severe impact on worship attendance. If some abnormal circumstances have a major impact on attendance, they can be specified here. This is why we have the date buttons. The button just to the left of the entry box showing the date (i.e. 3rd or 7th) when clicked will show entry boxes where you can select the type of circumstance or select "Other". You can also enter a description of a few words to explain why attendance changed substantially. The save button for these entries when clicked will change to show "Hide" which when clicked again will hide the entry boxes. If an entry has been made, the entry box background color is changed to yellow so you will know that you need to click the date button to see what caused the attendance change.There are 4 categories of information in this reporting process. Professions of Faith, Worship Attendance, Hands on Missions, and Connectional Generosity. Professions of Faith and Worship Attendance need to be filled in each week and only require one number for each category. Hands on Missions needs to be reported once per month and also requires only one number to be entered. Connectional Generosity will be filled in for you to show the current amounts received at the conference office as payments against your assigned apportionments for the reporting year. The buttons across the top of the screen are for navigating among the 4 screens to get you where you want to go promptly.